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Right on & succinct. You Can Have Super Dedicated and Engaged Employees Just by Doing These 7 Simple Things 22 May

Nytesia Ross is from Tyler, Texas and recently performed at a nationwide poetry contest in Washington, D.C. Are our schools a safe place to learn? Even in “safe” suburban neighborhoods the pressure is intense.

We are seeing the bitter fruit of this pressure with teachers, schools and administrators caught taking short cuts. The Atlanta public school system, UNC, Michigan, Penn State scandals are all cut from the same cloth. The fear of not exceeding expectations drives a perverse logic that is draining our focus and ability toward the mission of life-worthy education.

I’m announcing that we’re getting ready to launch our next MindShift effort to change the conversation and shift to a new reality for K12 education. We currently have 38 leaders from a diverse cross section of disciplines ready and engaged. Our first summit is January 12/13 2015. If you are interested in learning more or taking part, please let me know.


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