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A small town just south of Indianapolis holds a secret. Many small towns do. However, when you hear this one you’ll likely sit up and do a double take like I did.

Help me finish the following sentence…

The top cities in the U.S. with world class architecture in order are:

  1. Chicago
  2. New York
  3. Boston
  4. San Francisco
  5. Washington, DC
  6.  – WHO?

Columbus, Indiana! A town of about 45,000 people with more than 72 structures created by the most famous mid-century modern architects you have heard of.

More impressive, however, is that the road to great architecture was only a means for creating something far more valuable – social capital.

Social capital is the secret behind high performing teams, organizations, cities… and now more vital than ever to health of our nation. 

I recently returned from an education summit our company organized in Columbus. We were exposed to the work of the Institute for Coalition Building and Jack Hess. I think the collective reaction from the 30 plus participants was – wow!

The lessons learned from this little community over the last 60 years and synthesized by the Coalition could be used to transform any school, organization or the politics in Washington, D.C.

I’m including a compelling TED Video by Margaret Heffernan. She clearing explains the fallacy of focusing on stars and heroes to solve big problems AND provides a proven formula for creating high performing teams and resiliency. The secret is building social capital. The challenge is, it takes time together. The leadership dilemma is resisting the urgent over the vital.

This video also makes a clear case for the work we do at mindSHIFT (a bit of promotion here).

I’m also including a link to a webinar Jack Hess provided our K12 Mindshift Coalition prior to our summit in Columbus. If you’d like some of the resources that the Institute for Coalition Building provides please send me a short email –


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