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Gordon Moore observed in 1965 that the number of transistors will double at half the cost every year. In 1975 he revised it to 18 months to two years. What he never could have realized is global revolution this would cause and the beginning of Moore’s Universe.

Every leader needs to take inventory to what degree Moore’s Law has come to your front door. It sneaks up like a tsunami but when it hits the force levels and makes obsolete everything you’ve previously known or done.

Just ask Kodak, inventors of the digital camera in 1975. It was introduced at .001 megapixals, was bulky, expensive and cumbersome. After 9 laps around Moore’s Universe digital photography reached consumer viability in 1995 with a .256 megapixal Casio camera. It cost the equivalent of $850 today. That was the day the music died for Kodak. There was no catching up. Culture does not move on a dime. When you hold 90% of the market and take a bullet to the heart it takes a while to die. In January of 2012 Kodak finally succumbed, a victim of Moore’s Law.

The strategy for living in a Moore’s Law universe is to look at your culture like software releases.¬†When strategy shifts unless culture shifts with it – you’re sunk.

Peter Drucker is attributed to have pronounced that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The film culture of Kodak was never able to understand or embrace a digital medium of photography. Oh well.

Gordon Moore


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