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Right on & succinct. You Can Have Super Dedicated and Engaged Employees Just by Doing These 7 Simple Things 22 May

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Do you think people at your company are motivated and engaged in their work? Think again. 50% would rather be someplace else. That may be you. Another 20% take out their frustration every day on the organization. You know exactly who they are. When you see their number on caller ID you don’t answer. There is an acronym describing the 20%, C.A.V.E. dwellers: Consistently, Against, Virtually, Everything! This adds up to 70%, a statistic that has remained constant for over 15 years. Why is there such chronic disengagement? Why has it lasted so long? Why isn’t it improving with a better economy? Listen to Rex Miller share the findings from research with a consortium of firms that include Google, WL Gore, Cummin’s Diesel, the Gates Foundation, the federal government and twenty-five other organizations. The 70% disengagement dilemma is just the rabbit hole to the most massive new reality sweeping the world. Find out what it means and how you can prepare to thrive in a Google world.

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