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Clients Say

The Commercial Real Estate Revolution

“Rex is a thought leader, a persuasive speaker, a change agent and futurist. He is a true visionary who understands the complexities and nuances of the major forces which are changing business and society, and his vision for the future of the workplace is inspiring and compelling.

Rex is not just a visionary, but a practical, proven leader who knows how to make change happen.”

— Dave Gray, author The Connected Company

“Rex has been invaluable to our efforts to understand culture and strategies to connect and engage it. He grasps the deeper root issues and has the unique ability to understand our specific challenges and issues and make the insights relevant.

He also understands market dynamics and strategies. As a result he is a unique resource for exploring how futuristic insights should impact strategic thinking and go to market processes.”

In addition, Rex is a man of character…a good guy…….someone you’d enjoy grabbing dinner and spending the evening with.”

— Ed Bahler, CEO: Aspen Group & FBi Buildings

“Rex Miller is a rare breed, being both highly intuitive and a visionary, seeing past the obvious present, into the future.

— Kyle Wilson – Founder of,, and

“As expected, Rex Miller challenged, encouraged, tweaked, offended and edified the WFX audience all in the hour-long keynote address this morning.  You have to hear Rex talk to understand what I mean.  He goes out of his way to try to engage the audience.  He’s not ashamed to challenge his audience if they don’t understand, or choose not to believe that times are changing.”

— Brian Blackmore, President, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Production Media Inc.

“Rex is one of the most creative and visionary Christian business leaders I have ever known. I have brainstormed and done seminars with him, and I know him to be someone who both inspires immensely and challenges. I give him the most enthusiastic recommendation I can come up with.”

— Carl Raschke, Chair, Religious Studies, University of Denver

Rex is an amazing futurist. He has a firm grasp on history as well as a deep understanding of the current intellectual, cultural, and ethical climate, and he is able to identify the trends that are important for business and other endeavors. Rex has a rare gift for helping clients develop strategies that ensure relevancy for the future. He is a pleasure to work with, and always inspiring and motivating.”

— Mark Kerr, former Acquisitions Editor, Jossey-Bass / John Wiley & Sons

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