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If you are concerned or curious about your church’s future, this book is a must read. Leadership Network commissioned Rex Miller to write The Millennium Matrix after they heard him present an historical analysis explaining why certain elements of the church were growing, why large traditional churches were declining, why seeker and mega churches would soon reach their apex and what might follow.

The book is a fascinating, expansive and relevant look at four distinct epochs of church transformation; the church in oral culture, print, broadcast and now, the digital media landscape.

Rex provides an invaluable chart covering how and why more than 100 key characteristics of society and the church have undergone transformation through each period. The second half of the book is devoted to describing new leadership and church practices necessary to survive and thrive in the new era of digital media.

The book will help answer:

  • How to stem the tide and revitalize traditional mainline churches.
  • How seeker and mega-church leaders can prepare for a rapidly coming outgoing tide.
  • How emerging leaders can reclaim the past while reframing the future.
  • How to engage different generations raised and shaped by print, broadcast or digital media.
  • What new spiritual hungers and thirsts are emerging that the church can fulfill.

Several years ago, Leadership Network began to see a shift in the ways the church was growing. We gathered young leaders from around the nation to discuss how differently they perceived the world and the relevant issues of the church. When we heard Rex present his “Millennium Matrix” we felt he offered a framework and a significant tool for sorting through the wide-ranging issues and debates being raised over emerging theology, expressions of worship and generational differences. That tool provides a bridge for the different camps in this ongoing debate to work together in defining how the church can adapt and remain relevant and true to its mission and beliefs.

Leadership Network then partnered with Jossey-Bass publishing and, together with Rex, proceeded to publish his book.  Brad Smith – Leadership Network

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