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Rex is a three time Wiley author and two time international award winner. Each book provides a compelling picture of a changing world and the new leadership skills necessary to adapt and succeed. He translates complex ideas in a reader friendly style. The three books cover a wide range of leadership disciplines:

Change Your Space: How Engaging Workplaces Lead to Transformation and Growth

by Rex Miller, Mabel Casey and Mark Konchar


If employee engagement or culture is on the top of your company’s agenda then this award winning book will become a vital tool. It is the collective work of forty-five corporate leaders inspired to move the needle on dismal state of workplace engagement. Here are a few facts we discovered:

  • 70% of employees would rather be anyplace else but work
  • You are better off paying 20% of your employees to stay home because of their toxic effect
  • The lifespan of an S&P 500 company has dropped from 60 years in 1960 to under 15 years in 2014 and falling
  • In a global survey of 1600 CEO’s keeping up with change and the need for innovation is their number one concern
  • The study described what we called the ladder to innovation.  It depends on collaboration and collaboration is contingent on engagement.

These five facts define the dilemma every organization and leader faces. The research led to examining more than fifty of some of the most engaging companies on the planet and discovering what they do differently to protect, refine or transform their cultures.

The book is written in a fast paced investigative journalistic style to take you behind the scenes and reveal the secrets for creating a highly engaging workplace through stories and characters we met.  It is also the 2015 winner of the CoreNet Industry Excellence Award. When you finish this book it will be underlined and tabbed for future reference. We hear stories every week of people handing copies of the book to their peers and leaders eager to move the needle toward and engaging workplace.

Change Your Space will transform the way you think about workspace. An insipid workspace is worse than a lost opportunity; it is a lodestone in a world where companies must innovate to survive. This book offers actionable insights and real world examples to demonstrate how and why your workspace is critical for forming, shaping, and retaining the sort of team and culture required for success. I found it so compelling that I’m planning to incorporate the book into my “Building Innovation Teams and Cultures” MBA course at Kellogg.

– Joe Dwyer, Partner at Founder Equity and Digital Intent; teaches innovation at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

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The Commercial Real Estate Revolution: Nine Transforming Keys to Lowering Costs, Cutting Waste, and Driving Change in a Broken Industry

by Rex Miller


If you want to change the broken record of conflict, waste, cost overruns, change orders and and surprises on your next project then this book is for you. Almost every project includes unnecessary hidden taxes in the form of delays, cost overruns, poor quality, and work that has to be redone. Building is a fragmented, adversarial process that commonly results in dissatisfied customers and frequently ends in disappointment, bitterness, and even litigation. This book is the collective work of more than twenty-five industry leaders fed up with these conditions. Here are some statistics that inspired their research:

  • 70% of projects finish late and over budget
  • Up to 50% of a project is waste and non value added activity
  • Over 50% of office space is wasted or underutilized
  • Buildings account for up to 48% of greenhouse gasses
  • Construction accounts for the highest number of fatal injuries of any industry sector

The research uncovered projects that flipped conventional rules and by doing so achieved superior results. The book is written in an engaging investigative journalistic style that relates to corporate leaders with little experience in construction as well as long time veterans. It provides a behind the scenes look at several transformation stories that will inspire and convince you that there is a better way. The Commercial Real Estate Revolution also won the 2009 CoreNet Global Innovator of the Year Award.

This book has become the primer for hundreds of projects across the globe. Companies undertaking large and complex projects like Google, Intel, Disney, Parkland Hospital and others have expressed their appreciation for the book as a pivotal tool in shifting their culture and supply chain to a more trust-based and collaborative approach.

Imagine buildings that come in under budget, early and with few or no change orders. It’s happening today and the book explains how.

Rex Miller’s case is a powerhouse, busting through old myths and paradigms to face the flat new world of true collaboration and trust. Rex makes industry transformation for commercial real estate and construction more than possible—he provides a road map to lowering costs, removing waste, and producing the kind of sustainable buildings that will leave a positive legacy to the next generation.

— Stephen M. R. Covey, author of the New York Times bestseller The Speed of Trust

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The Millennium Matrix: Reclaiming the Past, Reframing the Future of the Church

by Rex Miller


If you are concerned or curious about your church’s future, this book is a must read. Leadership Network commissioned Rex Miller to write The Millennium Matrix after they heard him present an historical analysis explaining why certain elements of the church were growing, why large traditional churches were declining, why seeker and mega churches would soon reach their apex and what might follow.

The book is a fascinating, expansive and relevant look at four distinct epochs of church transformation; the church in oral culture, print, broadcast and now, the digital media landscape.

Rex provides an invaluable chart covering how and why more than 100 key characteristics of society and the church have undergone transformation through each period. The second half of the book is devoted to describing new leadership and church practices necessary to survive and thrive in the new era of digital media.

The book will help answer:

  • How to stem the tide and revitalize traditional mainline churches.
  • How seeker and mega-church leaders can prepare for a rapidly coming outgoing tide.
  • How emerging leaders can reclaim the past while reframing the future.
  • How to engage different generations raised and shaped by print, broadcast or digital media.
  • What new spiritual hungers and thirsts are emerging that the church can fulfill.

Several years ago, Leadership Network began to see a shift in the ways the church was growing. We gathered young leaders from around the nation to discuss how differently they perceived the world and the relevant issues of the church. When we heard Rex present his “Millennium Matrix” we felt he offered a framework and a significant tool for sorting through the wide-ranging issues and debates being raised over emerging theology, expressions of worship and generational differences. That tool provides a bridge for the different camps in this ongoing debate to work together in defining how the church can adapt and remain relevant and true to its mission and beliefs.

Leadership Network then partnered with Jossey-Bass publishing and, together with Rex, proceeded to publish his book.  Brad Smith – Leadership Network

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