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The Commercial Real Estate Revolution

Feel stuck? Move the needle.

Rex turns hopelessly stuck situations into transformation and growth.

Introducing Rex Miller:

  • Undergraduate and master’s degree as a futurist
  • Entered consulting after 35 years as a corporate manager and executive
  • Trained in Improv Comedy and uses these techniques to enhance workshop experiences.
  • His corporate and academic experience makes him among a handful of consultants that can actually do this work.
  • A certified tennis professional
  • Coached a hall of fame tennis player, hall of fame golfer, and U.S. Olympic pole vault team

This breadth of experience is why Rex is pursued to move the needle. Contact him now.

Here are 3 incredible examples of Moving the Needle:

1. Fist Fight

Three of the 5 founders of a California Digital startup had a literal fist fight 2 hours into the first meeting with Rex. Their situation ?

  • Zero revenue
  • Burning through cash
  • High stakes, high stress
  • Deep animosities
  • The needle was stuck and headed to a probable nasty divorce. Rex took them back to ground zero and and rebuilt the team chemistry and focus. Nine months later their Needle Moved:

    • Acquired 18+ companies
    • $100+ million run rate
    • On track to reach Unicorn status

    2. Hopelessly Toxic

    A federal agency regional office was rated one of the most toxic in the entire government. In the first 10 minutes this group of ex-military and engineers set the tone:

    “Are we so broke that we need someone like you to try and fix us?!”

    Their Needle Moved:

    • Four days later? Six out of 15 participants had a life-changing experience
    • One year later? They experienced transformation
    • Rex became a senior partner
    • A waiting list of other locations asking for the same experience

    3. I Hate My Job

    Meet Bob, an individual of a very challenging group, he sat disengaged the entire first morning.

    His Needle Needed to be Moved.

    At lunch this conversation happened:

    • Rex: “What do you do at work that is remotely engaging?”
    • Bob: “Nothing.”
    • Rex: “What do you do after work that is engaging?”
    • Bob: “Nothing.”
    • Rex: “So, how long has this been going on?”
    • Bob: “Twenty-five years, I hate my job and I hate the people I work with.” (Silence)

    Bob was in the wrong chair on the bus. His needle was stuck solidly. Ninety incredible days later Bob’s needle had moved to such a degree that the room was moved to tears.

    Bob (with tears streaming): “I love you guys, this is the best place I have ever worked.”

    This doesn’t just happen by accident or chance. Rex walked him through a plan.

    Want more stories to convince you? Just ask, we have dozens.

    Need A Needle to Move too?

    We all get stuck at some point. If you find yourself or your team stuck, contact Rex.

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